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Join Riverton Church in 2019 as we focus as a church family on doctrinal foundations long taught in oral form called catechisms.

What are catechisms and why are they important?

Catechisms are doctrinal statements written in question and answer form, meant to be taught by word of mouth and memorized. The catechisms were taught in community in the church and in families and recited or sung. They helped lay a groundwork for understanding the gospel, helped to address heresies that could arise from misunderstanding doctrine, and helped Christians to better reflect the character of Christ within the church and to the world around them. Catechisms are still important today to help us learn the biblical foundations and teach them to our children, help us know what we believe in an increasingly post-Christian world, and more than ever to help us reflect the character of Christ to those who need to experience His love and saving grace.

The classic catechisms incorporated the Apostle's Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord's Prayer. New catechisms continued to be written; the best known are the Westminster and Heidelberg Catechisms. 

Popular Catechisms

Calvin's Geneva Catechism of 1541
Heidelberg Catechism of 1563
Luther's Large  and Small Catechism of 1529
Craig's Catechism of 1581
Duncan's Latin Catechism of 1595
New Catechism of 1644
Westminster Catechism of 1646
The original Anglican Book of Common Prayer included a catechism

I want to join my friends and family at Riverton to learn the catechism! What do I do now?
Good Question! It's easy!We will learn 52 catechisms together in 2019, one each week. There are several ways for you to participate.

Commit to learning one catechism each week. 
Find someone to help you learn such as a friend or family member. Recite the catechism together.
Read the extra devotional writings and supporting verses to backup the doctrines.
Teach them to your children and grandchildren to give them a solid biblical foundation.
Recite and discuss in your life groups.
Attend the weekly class at Riverton on Wednesday evenings at 6:30. We will study each catechism taking a deeper look at its biblical foundation and life application.
Tweens, 4th-6th graders, will be studying the catechism on Sundays during the 10:30 worship service. 


  • Get the free app for iPhone, iPad or Android - Click here to download mobile apps - The app will have each question and answer as well as additional readings, supporting Bible verses, and a song to aid in memorization. The app can be set to the adult or kid's version. 

    Access the online version of the web app - Click  here to visit the web appThe online web app has the same functionality as the mobile apps but accessed easily on your computer for those who do not have a smartphone or who wish to access online. 

    Receive an email each week with the question and answer as well as a screen graphic for your mobile phone to aid in memorization.  Sign- up here for a weekly email reminder. 

    Watch Facebook for the weekly catechism to memorize with your friends and family. Share and Like to help others find out about this great way to learn about biblical doctrines!

    Pickup a book at Riverton Church for those who do not have access to electronic versions. You can also purchase on Amazon here. Adult and kid's versions available. 

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